About us

Our history begins somewhere in the 1950’s in the small village “Marathos” in Heraklion, on the island of Crete, where my parents (Andreas and Katerina Kostakis, with the help of their 8 children, amongst them me, as well) transferred on donkeys their bee hives in the “fraskia” (the Greek name for hives back in those times) around the regions of the village.

Their goal was to produce thyme honey and heather honey. This kind of honey was for family and friends. Later on, with the progress of technology, the distance was no longer a difficulty and the transfer of the hives became even easier with the use of vans. This is how we started transferring our bee hives anywhere we believed they could yield (for example, in the mountains of Ierapetra for pine honey, in Psiloritis [Mount Ida] for thyme honey and summer savory).

A new era begins with the production of honey for commercial use and its sale in super markets. In 1984 I moved to Athens, got married and gave birth to three children, thus continuing the tradition, as the Apiculture has always been and will always be a way of life for me. I sought and found places like Viotia, Makronissos, Attiki, Evia, Argolida and Thessaly, where I transferred my bee hives. It is only natural when you have a passion for something and you give your soul to it, to always try to improve and evolve it.

This is how, after a few years, we managed to include our company in the “OPERATIONAL PROGRAM FOR THE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND REFORM OF THE COUNTRY SIDE 2000–2006”. We did our best and managed to construct an Ultra Modern Production and Packaging unit of apicultural products in Koropi. Our goal is to offer everyone an exquisite, unique, qualitative and tasteful product.

We have managed to classify our company to the Quality Assurance “European Specifications HACCP & ISO”.

To sum up, I would like to remind people how beneficial the bee products are. Let’s take care of ourselves and ensure our well-being by following a healthy diet and by starting our day with a breakfast that includes honey!


Mr. Manolis Kostakis